Pay in 30 days

Interest-free for pay in 30 days. No hidden fees.

Pay in 4 installments

Interest-free for 4 installments. Pay every 2 weeks. No hidden fees.

Pay over-time (6/12/18 installments)

Pay over 6-18 months, rate ranges from 0%-29.99% APR. A down payment may be required. The specific interest is based on the amount at the time of payment.

Choose your payment plan, and no more hesitate for your new riding life!


How to use Klarna

Step 1: Add item(s) to your cart

Step 2: Go to checkout, fill in the shipping informaiton and choose ''continue to shipping''

Step 3: Select the payment method (credit /debit card and more) on the payment page, and choose ''pay now''

Step 4: Credit cards and Klarna option available, then pay

Financing Procedures

Select the items you need in your cart and fill in your shipping information. And choose the credit/decbit card and more on the payment page. Then, choose the Klarna payments.

If there is any other question or help needed, please contact:

Step 1  - Add To cart

Step 2  - Check out

Step 3 - Fill shipping information 

Step 4 - Confirm shipping information

Step 5 - Choose Payment Method

Step 6 - Choose Klarna Payment Option