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Great bike for the buck hands down! Love the power and top speed. Battery mileage per charge is over rated (as almost all are).also pedaling has no resistance over 20 mph. Rear suspension or at least a seat post suspension for such a nice bike would be nice. I love the bike and if those improvements are not cost effective,I would still buy another one.

Phil Hudnall

I received this amazing bike Friday and delivery was perfect. I have put on several accessories that really make this bike pop. I also would like to say that prior to buying all my questions were answered by their amazing customer service. I have only 20 miles on it and it is amazing. I can't tell you how many compliments I received just today on this bike from people I don't even know. The bike is a great value and in my opinion an incredible build.


I have an ebike shop and sell several brands of bikes. Many of my sales are to hunters and I wanted to try an H8. I have to say that it is the most powerful ebike that I have tested so far. Should make a great bike for hunters.


I’ve got the electric H7Pro bike couple weeks ago. Shipping comes in time. Assemble the bike is easy with the instructions and necessary tools included with the bike. The customer service person is really nice and helpful. The battery case of my bike has some minor scratches but when I complained to him the he sent me a new one in just a week. I’m very excited when driving the bike. I tried to drive up to maximum speed 30 miles/hour and the bike was still super stable. The bike comes with everything you need like horn, front and rear lights, … the break is awesome and shifting gear Shinano is great also. I love it so much.
I strongly recommend this Philodo to anyone who needs an electric bike.

Hung Phi

I just received an H8 this week. I finished the assembly with ease. Took it out for my first ride and am extremely impressed. I’ve had 7 street motorcycles in my life so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I have to say I’m thrilled with the acceleration, speed and handling not to mention a sharp looking EBike. This bike will open up a lot of opportunity for me as I have a few physical issues that have prevented me from a lot of activities I really enjoyed like hunting, surf fishing, fresh water fishing, hiking and the list could go on and on. This EBike gives me the mobility to do things again that I haven’t done in a decade. Im extremely happy with my purchase!.

Glenn B.

The bike has great looks, power and value!
Very satisfied with the overall performance of the bike in dealing with various terrains!
The bike comes with everything necessary to enjoy a fun cycling sojourn immediately!
If only the phone mount did not have such a misaligned look, it would have almost a perfect stance!
Great purchase!


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